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25 Formula One R/C Cars Racing Together

Highlights of 25, yes twenty five, Formula 1 radio control cars racing simultaneously. Tamiya F103, F104, F104WGP, Nissan R91CP, Kyosho KF01, Sakura FGX, 3Racing F109.

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F1 RC Cars Racing Inside SM MegaMall

The carpet was very slippery, difficult to get a good balance. Plus lots of tight and hairpin corners which made it very tricky for rear wheel drive F1 rc cars. That's why they look very slow. Good exposure to the hobby as thousands of people saw rc racing throughout the day.


Tamiya Asia Cup 2011 F1 Finals

Qualified 2nd on the grid and finished 2nd overall. Happy to get 2nd. Track was very bumpy, my car was four wheels airborne at the middle of the straight. It was like driving 2wd off-road buggies. Used Tamiya 14T brushless motor, 6.6v LiFe battery and rubber tires.


Tamiya Asia Cup 2010 Finals in Formula One Class

Amain #1 of the Tamiya F104 class. Yuichiro Takaya of Team Philippines takes the win over Max Park of Team Korea. Nice clean racing. Raced with Tamiya 32T motor, 6.6v LiFe battery and rubber tires. Held in the middle of SM Megamall in Manila, Philippines. Nice video taken by Allan Colico.


Formula One Radio Control Car Racing

Photos, video, results and event writeup of the F1 RC Car Club version of the 2012 British Grand Prix.


Tamiya F103, F104, 3Racing F109 Formula One Radio Control Cars

We gathered on a Saturday afternoon to have fun racing our F1 r/c cars. Full of laughter, what the hobby should be about.


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