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Tamiya F104 Version II Review

Tamiya F104 v1 versus V2 Taka

11 August 2012 - My friend and fastest F1 driver in the Philippines, Taka, finally decided to test his new Tamiya F104 version 2 against his already very fast Tamiya F104 t-bar car. Though he initially felt in theory that the t-bar should be fastest in our local track, seeing other F104 version 2's changed his mind. So he bought one from Japan and now on to the test, performance results and review.

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Ok let's take a close look at the main difference.

Tamiya F104 Tbar vs Link Suspension


Tamiya F1 RC Cars T-Bar and Link Suspension Car

Above: Left is the original Tamiya F104 with T-bar rear suspension. Right is the new Tamiya F104 v2 with link type suspension. 

Tamiya F104 Orig vs Version 2

Above: Left is the Tamiya F104 version 1. Right is the Tamiya F104 version 2. The front end of both cars remain unchanged. The version II comes with a smaller center shock absorber and a small side to side roll damper.

Tamiya F104 ver. II chassis

Photo above: Side view of Taka's F104 v2. A full sized lipo pack provides consistent power for our 15 minute races. His car ran with box stock parts such as plastic motor mounts.

Tamiya F104 ver. II Review and Test Results

Bottom line, the F104 v2 of Taka was around 0.4sec faster than his already fast original T-bar car. And this was on his first day driving the car with minimal tuning and less powerful esc and motor. With the same electronics used in his t-bar car, I think he mentioned he will be around 0.6sec overall faster per lap with the ver. II.

Tamiya F104 Version II Faster

Above: AMB laps free timing results from a team race. Taka with his F104 v2 was two laps faster than everyone else. Nearest competitor was Leo with a Tamiya F103.

The main difference in driving performance is that the version 2 is more precise and reactive. Better on turn in steering. The t-bar car felt sluggish compared to the new car.

Tamiya F104 v2 Speed and Tuning Tips

Here are some items that I recall from my talk with my friend.

  • Stock plastic motor mount is light and good for speed. But less durable than the aluminum motor mount.
  • A good feel of the rear damping is Associated 800wt oil for center damper and 650wt oil for roll damper.
  • Ride height with rubber tires is in the lowest position for the rear.
  • Higher rear ride height might give more rear traction, but will be more succeptible to traction roll.

At the hands of a very good driver the Version 2 will be a faster car. But for beginners to intermediate drivers, the car may be too responsive for their driving skill and the t-bar car would be better.

Tamiya F104 V1 versus V2 Comparison

More updates to come.

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