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Tamiya F1 RC Cars

Photos, videos and reviews of new Tamiya Formula One radio control cars such as the F103, F104, F104 ver.II.

Tamiya F104 Ver. II Pro Review

Tamiya F104 ver II Pro Review

11 August 2012 - Finally we see the true speed of the F104 ver. II as driven by the very fast Taka san. Here  holding his very well tuned T-bar F104 and his new link type F104 v2 Pro.

Click here for photos, reviews and speed tips on the Tamiya F104 V2.

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Tamiya F104 version II Review

Tamiya F104 V2 Review

16 July 2012 - After 18 years Tamiya finally introduces a new design. From the proven t-bar rear suspension to the modern rear link suspension. Based on feedback by the racers, this is a very nice car to have.

Click here to see photos, video and read the full review.


Which Tamiya F1 Car to Buy?

Tamiya F1 RC Cars Comparison

16 July 2012 - The Tamiya F104 and F104Pro chassis is narrower and longer to replicate the modern style F1s. The older F103 chassis is shorter and wider to replicate the older style F1s of the 80s and 90s. Then there is the F104W, the F104WGP and F104 version 2.

Click here to read more and choose the best Tamiya F1 model.


Tamiya F104 RC Car Variants

Best Rubber Tires

F104 - Pit Shimizu 571 front and 572/575 rear. Tamiya soft rear and medium or hard front.

F103 - Ride Type A, Pit Shimizu, Tamiya Type B, Tamiya Type A.

Tamiya F104 Chassis Catalog

Tamiya F104 Chassis Model Catalog

7 July 2012 - "The F104 chassis has a double deck layout, longitudinal battery position, and 3-point suspension to achieve sharp handling performance. The highly efficient Direct-Drive 2WD setup features the motor pinion directly connected to the spur gear with built-in ball differential. Several realistically reproduced race car bodies are available. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4024, Team Lotus Type 79 and Wolf WR1. F104W chassis incorporates F103 front arms for a wider tread." ~ Tamiya Model Catalog


Tamiya F104 X1 Video


Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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