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Tamiya F104 "The Skull"

F1 RC Car TAC 2011 Concours Winner Skull

2011 Tamiya Asia Cup F1 concours winner was "The Skull" by Joel Mangilit of Team Philippines. The Tamiya F104 was painted black then covered with a laptop skin sticker of skulls and flames.

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Tamiya F104 X-Wing Fighter

F1 RC Car Tamiya TAC 2012 Concours

Here is the Star Wars inspired 2012 Tamiya Asia Cup Formula One F104 Concours winner of Jun Manego of Team Philippines.

Photo credit: Tamiya Thailand

Tamiya F104 Army

F1 RC Car 2012 TAC Concours Army

The 2010 Tamiya Asia Cup concours winner of Allan Colico. Army camouflage motif with side rockets to blow away the competition.


Tamiya F104 F1 Jet Fighter Platypus

Tamiya F104 F1 RC Car Jetfighter Platypus

2012 Formula One cars have ugly platypus nose designs. Here is a beautiful jet fighter inspired design to make the platypus nose look sexy. Tamiya F104 radio control car chassis and cheap f1 rc body. Car and photos by Hector Coronel.


Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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