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Kyosho F1 RC Cars

Well known for selling very realistic f1 r/c cars in both electric and nitro power. Their latest is the 1/10 Kyosho KF-01 nitro. Review and optional hop up parts.

Kyosho KF01 Review

Kyosho KF01 Nitro F1 RC Car

10 June 2012 - Excitement filled the air when a 1/10 Kyosho KF01 nitro Formula One car joined our races. The kit comes with a metal chassis and basic rear "suspension" if we even want to call it that. The single speed transmission was fast, the same speed as the electrics down the straight. In its first race it qualified mid pack under the driving of a rookie, so the car is good.

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There is room for improvement in the sound department. The kit muffler emitted an engine growl of a V8 musclecar rather than the high pitch whine of a real F1 engine. Hope a tuned pipe can change that.

Kyosho KF01 Nitro RC Car

Above: The 1/10 Kyosho KF01 smoking a Tamiya F104. Photo credit: Dan Cortez

Ironic is that the electric F1 have an advantage in the 15 minute races. With high capacity lipos, the electrics are able to run without a pitstop. But the KF01 will have to make at least two pitstops, losing time in the process. I never thought I would see the day when long races would favor the electrics.

Kyosho KF01 Optional Tuning Parts

Kyosho KF01 Tuning Optional Parts

Source: Kyosho Catalog 2011

Kyosho Nitro F1 KF01 Hopped Up

Above: A beautifully painted and hopped up Kyosho KF01. Photo credit: RC P Sanda Blog.

Kyosho Plazma Formula One

Kyosh Plazma Formula One RC Car

28 August 2012 - Finally Kyosho is back with a 1/10 scale F1. Front arms look indestructible. FRP chasis, adjustable caster, link suspension, full ball bearings, 7075 hard aluminum motor mounts. Looks very good!

Photo credit: RC Tech Magazine



Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

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