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HPI F1 RC Cars

So far only two models from HPI. The Super F1 which has long been discontinued and the 2009 HPI Formula Ten. Photos, videos and reviews of HPI Racing Formula 1 r/c cars. Best tyres, setup tips and optional parts.

HPI Formula TEN (F10) Review

HPI F10 F1 RC Car

4 August 2012 - HPI Racing Formula Ten has a gear differential and very soft plastic chassis that sets it apart from its competitors. The soft chassis should give more mechanical grip and be good on low grip surface. Though not as popular as Tamiya or 3Racing, the HPI F10 has two drivers in the F1RC Club of the Philippines. Best result so far is 14th place. Time will tell if this car can win.

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Recommended Rubber Tires

HPI F10 Wheels and Tyres

Shimizu PS-0561 Front & PS-0565 Rear

HPI Soft Front and Medium Rear

Setup Tips

The F10 had some option parts below listed but it was almost box stock car.

#102878 Ball Diff Set (95T/64P)

#102879 Threaded Aluminum Shock Set

#102911 Aluminum Motor Mount (Orange)

#102912 Aluminum Left Bulkhead (Orange)

#102906 FT01 High Grip Slick Belted Tire S (Front)

#103017 FT01 High Grip Slick Belted Tire M (Rear)

Also I recommend you to have HB 12x front hard springs if you run with rubber tires. What I had on my car was

#61699 Front Spring (Hard/0.55mm/5Coils)

with those hard springs, the car turn in crispier and was also more stable overall. Those are highly recommended.

Lastly, i will leave my gearing for the 17.5 brushless motor I ran today.

95 spur gear/29 pinion so it was 3.275. The track was kind of big (Tamiya USA) but I think it would be a good starting point to find right gearing for your local race track.

I put 0.5mm shim in between the t-bar and o-ring so the t-bar is angled as you can see in the picture and it has more down travel. This will give you more on-power traction. I recommend to try it if your car is a little loose on-power.


HPI F10 Product Specification

HPI Formula 10 RC Car

T-bar rear suspension, geared differentials, nylong chassis, friction damper, FRP top deck, sliding king pin front suspension and officially licensed Renault R29 unpainted bodyshell with full decals.

HPI Formula Ten Option Parts

HPI F10 optional parts: ball bearings, ball differential, aluminum shock, aluminum hex, graphite upper deck, servo saver and graphite friction damper plate.

Photo credit: HPI Racing 2011 Catalog



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