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Local Hobby Shops and Online Stores where You Can Buy F1 R/C Cars

Personally I try to buy as much as possible from our local hobby shops. Here is a list of Tamiya distributors for buying Tamiya F103, F104, F104v2 kits.

Problem is many times the items or parts I need are out of stock or not sold by any of the LHS. Fortunately there are a lot of online shops where it is easy to order and buy kits, tires or spare parts.

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We usually buy from Hong Kong, such as Action Hobbies, RC Market or RC Mart. Everyone has good and bad experiences with hobby shops. Most are located in Kwong Wa Street.

Hong Kong Hobby Shops

Action Hobbies
Where my friend bought 4 Sakura FGX (one was for me). Owner Andy Lam is a former Tamiya Cup World Champion, he knows his stuff. Nice guy, good rc racing gear. Gives discounts to friendly shoppers. Just go to Kwong Wah Street.
RC Mart
Where we buy Pit Shimizu tires and parts for our F1.

Here is a great post on RCTech by my friend Ish M. about all the Hong Kong hobby shops he visited. Includes directions, photos, etc.

And here is a list of more hobby shops in Hong Kong with business hours, address and contact numbers.


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