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Custom / Home-built Formula One Radio Control Cars

I love the home build and customized F1 r/c project cars. Here are some of my favourites.

Tamiya Touring Car Converted to F1

While looking at an old thread on RCTech.net about the Tamiya F201, I stumbled upon photos posted by Pfunky way back in July 2007. I've long looked at my Tamiya 416 and imagined how I can convert it into a Formula One rc car. Now this guy actually did it to a Tamiya TB Evo 4 and fitted it with a Tamiya F201 body.

Tamiya Touring Converted to an F1 Car

The first attempt above was with servo in front. The final custom build below. Amazing work!

Tamiya Evo Touring Converted to an F1 RC Car

Simply inspirational. I think my touring cars are now afraid of me. hehe.

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