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Other Brands of F1 RC Cars

Here are hop up kits and specially brands of Formula One rc cars. K's Racing, Yeah Racing Transformula, TOP Rebel R-F01, Exotek conversions (for HPI F10, Sakura FGX, Tamiya F103/F104), Zen ZFC012, HiroFactory HRF10X, Rabbit FGX, TRG 112, Cross CF-01 2008 and more.

K's Racing KC-F01 Kit

K's Racing KC F01 F1 RC Car Kit

13 August 2012 - An old chassis kit that I never knew existed. K's Racing KC-F01 rc car kit is my dream F1 chassis. I want one!

Click here for more photos.

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TRG112 Prototype

TRG112 Prototype

10 August 2012 - Posted on the TRG blog is the 112 prototype. Main feature is super narrow chassis to avoid rubbing against the road even with low ride heights. Photo credit: TRG


Yeah Racing Transformula F1

Yeah Racing Transformula F1 RC Car

Winner of 2011 TITC F1 Class and UF1 LA. The Yeah Racing Transformula F1 RC allows you to choose between a T-bar or Link type rear suspension.




HiroFactory HRF10X 


TOP Rebel R-F01

TOP Rebel R F01

Chassis: 1/10 electrical F-1 Chassis
Specification: 270mm wheelbase; 200mm tread width
1. Front Suspension: fully adjustable suspension geometry
2. Rear Suspension: Link-type
3. Super lightweight chassis
4. 7.4V 2S Lipo and shorty Lipo compatible
5. Tamiya compatible F-1 front suspension
6. Require Tamiya compatible F-1 front spoiler and rear wing
7. Ride Height Fine-tunable

Source: www.top-racing.jp


Exotek EFX F1 Conversion for the Sakura FGX

4 August 2012 (Manila) - The Exotek conversion is proving to be good. Makes the FGX lighter and more durable. Locally we have an Exotek FGX making our tough A-main field on a track and rules suited for direct drive f1 rc cars. ~ F1RC Club of the Philippines.

Exotek EFX F1 FGX

- Top and bottom plates made of 2.25 USA made carbon fiber for excellent flex and lightness. The conversion is much lighter then the stock parts it replaces yet is much stronger.

- Top and bottom plates are shaped to maximize grip with rubber tires. The 2.25 material and aggressive shape creates more mechanical front and rear grip.

- Reinforced double layer nose section- the upper nose layer is 3mm carbon fiber. The nose section is lengthened as well for extra support.

- The front upper/ inner arm mounts are lowered for improved camber gain for improved steering. The stock geometry creates positive camber gain- terrible for front traction!

- 2 position servo mounting to adjust the weight bias.

- You can install up to a 38 tooth pinion/ 35 tooth spur with no motor mount grinding! Compatible with the stock motor mount- Not compatible with the optional motor mount set.

- Accepts normal lipos or 'Shorty' type lipos and is securely held in without the need for tape via an easy access battery cup.

- Quick 1 screw and 1 body clip battery removal.

- Slotted chassis allows forward or rearward 'shorty' lipo placement to tune for more or less steering.

- Shorty packs can be mounted 'inline' for higher grip tracks or 'laterally' (with optional lateral mount kit) for lower grip tracks.

- Enlarged bottom cutouts for improved motor cooling.

- Narrowed side chassis profile for improved chassis roll and reduced cornering scrub.

- Includes 2 lighweight shock ball mounts.

- Includes alloy posts and quality hardware.

Source: http://www.exotekracing.com/fgx-efx-f1-chassis-conversion/


Exotek F1 Ultra Conversion for F103

4 August 2012 (Manila) - We have one racer driving an Exotek F1 Ultra conversion and is very fast. Consistently in the A-main and capable of doing fastest laps in racing condition. ~ F1RC Club of the Philippines

Exotek F1 Ultra Conversion for F103

 Link type rear pod for exceptional rear grip. The rear suspension pod includes ball links and reinforced easy set side links.

- Optimized for use with 7.4v SHORTY for a more compact and lighter car.

- You have the option to mount the Shorty lipo Inline for more steering response or laterally for more rear grip and stability.

- Bottom plate only design helps generate more steering response. This coupled with the increased rear traction creates an overall better handling car.

- Easy 2 screw shock plate and battery removal. The battery can be lifted straight up and out without interference from the ESC or receiver.

- Includes black anodised rear zero rebound roll dampener and mounting bar.

- Includes Associated side pod springs and mounts. These are used to tune for steering response and pod level (tweak).

- US made premium 3.0mm quasi weave carbon fiber is used throughout.

- Unicrank steering assembly for smoother steering and lower center of gravity at the nose to reduce traction roll.

- Short style wheelbase- 260mm

- Compatible with any Tamiya F103.

- Compatible also with the 3Racing F109 if you install a F103 motor pod.

- Compatible with an F104W if you use F103 bodies.

Source: http://www.exotekracing.com/f1ultra-f103-f103lm-conversion/


Exotek FX10 Chassis Conversion for HPI Formula TEN

Exotek FX10 Chassis Conversion

-Allows for more lipo battery options- accepts round or square type flat bottomed 7.4v lipo
packs including Thunder Power, IB and Orion. Max battery size is 47mm wide, 24mm tall,
137mm long.
-Carbon fiber 1 piece top deck to reduce tweak and allows just enough flex to maintain proper
-Modular battery strap design for secure battery mounting but also quick and easy battery
-100% American made quasi weave 2mm thick carbon fiber components.
-Narrowed chassis to reduce chassis scrub for better handling and more corner speeds yet
plenty of room to mount electronics.
-Pan car type tweak screw adjustment feature.
-Includes carbon fiber front arm brace.
-Includes orange anodized battery posts, gun metal spacers and necessary alloy steel hardware.
-Can accept 1/12th scale pan car servos (1/12th servo mounts not included)
-Maintains the stock wheelbase.

Source: http://www.exotekracing.com/fx10-chassis-set/


Cross CF-01 2008

Cross CF-01 2008

4 August 2012 - Here is the lone Cross CF-01 2008 of Jason Dela Cruz. So far holding its own against the Tamiya's and Exotek's. Unique is the front suspension design with coil springs and oil filled shock absorbers.

Photo credit: Allan Colico



Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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