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Custom Built Tamiya Evo4 Converted to an F1 RC Car

Custom Built F1 RC Cars

27 December 2012 - I love customized home built project cars. Here are a couple of Tamiya touring cars that were converted to radio controlled Formula One cars. Amazing work.

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F1 R/C Club - Biggest Trophies

F1 RC Club Biggest Trophies

22 December 2012 - After 12 months and 18 races, the F1 R/C Club of the Philippines recently crowned the overall winners and Rookies of the Year. Over 27 trophies were awarded, with the championship trophies being 7 feet tall! Photos, video and more here.

TRG 112 F1 RC Car

TRG 112 Formula One R/C Car

30 November 2012 - The new 1/10 TRG 112 Formula One radio control car. A choice of wide (200mm) or narrow (180mm) chassis setup.

TRG 112 F1 RC Car Chassis

Source: www.rc-trg.com

Speedpassion F1 RC Car Body

Speedpassion F-68 Formula One R/C Car Body

29 November 2012 - The new 1/10 Speedpassion F-68 Formula One r/c body. There are 4 interchangeable nose pieces and 2 rear fins. Driver helmet included. Source: www.speedpassion.net

Tamiya Ferrari 2012 F1 Radio Control Car

1/10 Tamiya Ferrari 2012 Radio Control Car

22 November 2012 - The new 1/10 Tamiya Ferrari 2012 Formula One rc car. Posted by rtypec on rctech.net.

F1 RC Car Tips

Red Bull F1 RC Car

4 November 2012 - A very fun and informative practise session. Motor tuning, telemetry, traction compound and more. Photos and full tips here.

F1 RC Club Website

F1RC Club of the Philippines

Official website is now up and running. Photos, videos, rules, schedules, results and more.

All the relevant information you need to join to get started in racing radio control Formula One r/c cars.

F1RC Club - India GP Race

Tamiya F1 RC Cars in India GP Race

28 October 2012 - The F1RC Club version of the Indian Grand Prix. Young kids, fast cars, dyno competition and more. Photos and videos here.

F1RC Club - Korea GP Race

Kids racing f1 rc cars.

21 October 2012 - The F1RC Club version of the Korea Grand Prix. Young kids racing. And the gangnam style dance battle between the B-main and A-main drivers. Photos and videos here.

3Racing F113 Prototype

3racing F113 Radio Control Car

20 October 2012 - To be honest I don't like the front end shock design. Takes away from the realism of F1 rc cars. Photo credit: H.K.S Hobby


F104GX Custom F1 RC Car

19 October 2012 - Another engineering masterpiece from Marcus Williams. Photo and video at UF1 Houston.

F1RC Club Japan GP Race

F1 RC Club Japan GP Fastest Cars

14 October 2012 - The F1RC Club version of the Japanese Grand Prix. Sakura FGX doing well, winning the B-main and placing 6th in the A-main. Photos, video highlight, race commentary and results.

Yokomo F1 RC Prototype

Yokomo Formula 1 RC Car Prototype

12 October 2012 - Posted by user png on RCTech forum. Now maybe Yokomo TC fans will start joining F1 races.

NASA Cup 2012

F1 RC Car Race - Nasa Cup 2012

29 September 2012 - My friend Taka organized the Mighty Gripper F1 race. Unique and exciting is his Super Lap Qualifying format. Each racer will go to the drivers stand alone, and have 3 laps to do fastest time for qualifying on the grid.

F1RC Club - Singapore GP

F1 RC Car Race Singapore GP

15 September 2012 - It was and eat and run (race) affair in the F1RC Club version of the Singapore Grand Prix as it was also the Allan and Arnold birthday race. Food, 27 F1 rc cars and a cool afternoon of racing. What more can we ask for.

3Racing Sakura FGX Track Tests

3Racing Sakura FGX F1 RC Cars Track Test

9 September 2012 - With 5 cars it was a productive test session. The Pit Shimizu were probably the best. But I also found the cheap Pardus tires to be very good. Read more here.

Kyosho Plazma Formula One

Kyosh Plazma Formula One RC Car

28 August 2012 - Finally Kyosho is back with a 1/10 scale F1. Front arms look indestructible. FRP chasis, adjustable caster, link suspension, full ball bearings, 7075 hard aluminum motor mounts. Looks very good!

Photo credit: RC Tech Magazine

F1 RC Car Tyres

F1 RC Car Tyres

28 August 2012 - Pit Shimizu, Ride, HPI, Tamiya. Here are the best tires for Formula One rc cars like the Tamiya F103, F104, F201, Sakura FGX, HPI F10 and more.


K's Racing KC-F01 Kit

K's Racing KC F01 F1 RC Car Kit

13 August 2012 - An old chassis kit that I never knew existed. K's Racing KC-F01 rc car kit is my dream F1 chassis. I want one!

Click here for more photos.


Tamiya F104 Ver. II Pro Review

Tamiya F104 ver II Pro Review

11 August 2012 - Finally we see the true speed of the F104 ver. II as driven by the very fast Taka san. Here holding his very well tuned T-bar F104 and his new link type F104 v2 Pro.

Click here for photos, reviews and speed tips on the Tamiya F104 V2.


TRG112 Prototype

TRG112 Prototype

10 August 2012 - Posted on the TRG blog is the 112 prototype. Main feature is super narrow chassis to avoid rubbing against the road even with low ride heights. Video here. Photo credit: TRG

Tamiya F104 Version 2 Pro

Tamiya F104 V2 Pro by Taka

9 August 2012 - Above is the new Tamiya F104 version II Pro of our fastest F1 racer, Taka. Finally we will see the true speed of the F104 v2 Pro in JP Raceway.

Source: takatakanokkey.blogspot.com


Tech Victory Formula VF-2012

Tech Victory Formula VF 2012

8 August 2012 - Active rear suspension using triple shock absorbers. Lots of aluminum. Wing mounts, motor pod, link side plate. Source: Tech Racing


F1 RC Platypus Body

F1 Platypus RC Body

9 August 2012 - Here's a 2012 f1 platypus bodyshell that will be out in the market soon. The manufacturer is sending me a prototype after seeing my custom platypus. Here are some pics sent to me. ~ Hector Coronel


F1RC Club of the Philippines - Round 10: Budapest

F1 RC Cars Budapest 2012 Race

4 August 2012 - Round 10 attracted 26 F1 rc car racers for a fun filled afternoon of racing. Exciting to see a Tamiya F104v2 and HPI F10 finally make it to the A-main. Above is the start of the B-main and nice to see realism with the rear lights. Photo credit: Allan Colico

Click here for video, photos, commentary and full race results.


UF1 - 34 battle under the heat of Monaco

UF1 Monaco

5 August 2012 - "Under a blistering hot sun 34 of us attacked a small bumpy track that offered up a disastrous potential ... we all seemed to get through it with no major point shifts" ~ Source: UF1series.com

Photos of the UF1 Monaco event.


F1RCGP2012 in China

F1RCGP China 2012 F1 Race

June 2012 - Was held at RCI Shanghai Circuit on the outskirts of Shanghai F1RCGP2012 Series Game 7. In this circuit F-1 league in China, will be held is SGP1, has showed a surge in the number of F-1 fan. This has become a co-host and carries the F1RCGP Round7 SGP1 collaboration in planning, SGP1 F1RCGP. ~ Source: F1RCGP

Click here for photos and event writeup.

Video: 25 F1 RC Cars Racing Simultaneously

25 F1 RC Car Racing Video

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